By | April 26, 2018

At Sacred Heart we recognise the importance of positive mental health awareness and the development of coping mechanisms. In order to aid our Year 11 students and their transition to GCSE, a new positive mental health programme has been developed and is currently being delivered through pastoral lessons.

The ‘Be Positive! Be You!’ programme has been developed in-house to encourage Year 11 students to build resilience and to encourage the use of faith as a support tool.

This programme, the skills discussed and the activities involved are intended to promote positive emotional health, mental wellbeing, enhanced academic and personal development and to reinforce the importance of faith.

In essence it is anticipated that this programme will enable our Year 11 students to learn from experience and move forward with contentment and confidence.

To further complement the programme; a dedicated Year 11 Positive Mental Health Week took place in School recently.

Over the course of this week Year 11 students participated in a range of activities ranging from HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) to Pilates.  Students were also challenged to follow a five-day mental health challenge and also enjoyed a coffee morning as they endured the challenge of a ‘Digital Detox’ on one assigned day.

A range of displays were on show in the School foyer showcasing the work of the Year 11 group which included a ‘Positivity Patchwork’ as well as devised poems on the theme of ‘Resilience’.