Pastoral Care

Sacred Heart Grammar School is committed not only to the intellectual development of students but also their personal and social development. An excellent Pastoral care Programme, incorporating Personal, Social and Health Education, ensures that this goal is realised.

All Staff members contribute to the delivery and development of pastoral care. Special attention is given to year 8 students to help them settle into their new surroundings. In addition to the pastoral care provision by teaching staff, a qualified school counsellor is available to students for private consultations.

Role of the Year Head

The Year Head occupies a key role in the pastoral care programme. He/She works with the Principal, Vice Principal, Form Teachers and other staff to encourage the personal and academic development of students and to actively promote the aims and objectives of the school within the year group. The Year Head who is assigned to each year group leads and supports the Form Teachers in the role.

Role of the Form Teacher

A Form Teacher is assigned to each class from Years 8 – 14 and meets the students as a Form Class group each day. Form Teachers monitor attendance, punctuality and academic progress; they also deal with any difficulties that a student may experience. The Form Teacher may refer students to the appropriate Year Head who may then contact outside support agencies as the occasion may arise.

The precise details regarding the pastoral care structure can be found in the school’s Pastoral Care policy Document.