Liz Weir, Storyteller and Author visits SHS Library

By | March 1, 2019

To mark National Storytelling Week and the upcoming World Book Day, the Storyteller in Residence for Libraries NI, visited the school library on the morning of Thursday 28th February 2019 for a storytelling workshop.

Liz Weir, the NI children’s writer/storyteller, author of 27 books and inaugural winner of the International Story Bridge Award of the National Storytelling Network USA told stories and chatted to all Year 8 & 9 students. She gave tips on how to improve their literacy, develop characters for stories and she touched on bullying issues and how best to deal with them.

The students learned many interesting facts about Liz – when she wrote her first book and what inspired her to do so, how she met Roald Dahl and JK Rowling and what she thought of them. And most importantly, exactly how much money she makes from the sale of a book – the answer to this brought a few gasps from all in the room!

All present were delighted and listened attentively – the session wern’t just about taking time out from classwork, in Liz’s own words “Storytelling in any situation furthers sharing and a passion for words, opening up to others and encouraging the art of listening and that’s vital in this day and age of tablets and smart phones.”

Liz was a breath of fresh air coming into the library and we were delighted that she agreed to spend time with us in SHS.