LibraryThe library is an integral part of studying at the Sacred Heart. It encourages a balanced approach to learning by providing a range of electronic, print and audio-visual resources in a variety of study areas. The computer system acts as a starting point for the investigation of core studies and provides easy access to the library’s 8,000 books, CDs, and DVDs.  The broad based stock selection policy give opportunities to further explore areas beyond the curriculum. The practice of reading for pleasure is encouraged through regular promotional displays.

The resource area is well equipped with a range of up to date media technology. There are facilities for students to use the numerous laptops within the library, all of which are networked and linked to high quality printers throughout the school. A large and growing collection of audio-visual material can be borrowed or consulted on-site. In addition to the literary and multi-media facilities, daily newspapers, journals and school archives are available for reference in a comfortable reading area.