Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns the Sacred Heart Grammar School
SHS is a voluntary Grammar School managed by the Board of Governors. The trustees are the Sisters of St. Clare.

How many pupils attend the school

What is the average number of pupils per class

What proportion of pupils go on to higher education 

How easy is it to integrate academically and socially for new pupils
Our Pastoral care programme is designed to acknowledge and support new pupils and to meet their individual needs, whilst the wider curriculum provides the framework for academic success.

Does the school have any particular strengths
Apart from our academic success, we see ourselves as a warm, friendly welcoming school, which seeks to provide an environment where pupils feel happy and secure.

Does the school need to be informed if a pupil is ill or cannot attend
Yes, any absence from school should be communicated by the parent/guardian in writing

Can pupils get leave of absence during school term
Pupils are normally expected to have full attendance during school term