Exam Results


The school appreciates the importance of examination success and makes every effort to ensure that students achieve their academic potential.

At the end of Year 12 students are entered for GCSE Examinations.  Year 11 students may sit GCSE Modules in some subjects.

In Year 13 students are entered for AS examinations and, on completion of Year 14, students are entered for A Level examinations.

Sacred Heart Grammar School is a member of Newry & Mourne Area Learning Community.  Collaborating with 16 other local schools and learning-providers, the Community strives to offer greater choice and flexibility for all post primary learners aged 14 and above.  Sacred Heart has, in recent years, extended its curriculum provision at GCE AS and A Level by collaborating with Abbey Grammar School to offer students a broader curriculum so that they can choose a blend of courses which best suits their needs, aptitudes, aspirations and interests.