Capital Development

Since its foundation in 1930, Sacred Heart Grammar School has aimed to provide a broadly based education for its students, which equips them with the qualities, the knowledge and the skills to play a full part in their professional and public life, whatever their chosen paths.

While the School has gone from strength to strength in its achievements and is now established as a nationally renowned centre of excellence, the Staff, Board of Governors and Parents have been aware that these achievements have, without doubt, been aided by the facilities available to the students and staff.

Since the opening of the new school in 1985, significant capital investment has been carried out and this has been summarised below:

  • A new Technology Block has been built
  • The Library, Staff-room and Reprographics room have been refurbished
  • New storerooms have been created
  • A lift has been installed
  • New Computer Suites have been created for staff and pupils
  • The foyer has been upgraded
  • The car park has been extended to the back of the school
  • The Drama Room, Careers Room and offices, and Bursar’s office have all been refurbished
  • A Counselling Room, Medical Room and Fitness Suite have been created
  • CCTV has been installed
  • St.Francis Hall has been extended to create a lunch/dinner/study hall
  • There have been improved facilities for teacher preparation and marking
  • The existing Language Laboratory has been refurbished and a new laboratory has also been created
  • A new Vice-Principal’s office has been created
  • The Canteen has been upgraded to a Cash-Free Cafeteria System
  • Solid fencing has been installed around the school perimeter
  • Water Fountains have been installed
  • A Hockey pitch has been created
  • Storage units for school bags etc. installed in lower H Area
  • New Seventh Year Centre has been built
  • Home Economics Room Refurbished and Resource Room added
  • Music/Drama Block extended and new classrooms added
  • Student Toilets refurbished
  • Science Rooms refurbished
  • New Science Block has been built
  • Refurbishment of school roof/new insulation
  • Library study area extended
  • New trees, plants and shrubbery have been continually added