A Day In The Life


HEAD GIRL – Frances Keenan

While it is sad to think that my years here in Sacred Heart are coming to an end I am glad to say that looking back I only have good memories to take away with me. What I have realised over the past seven years is that a warm, welcoming and friendly environment is the epitome of Sacred Heart as a result of Mr Kane and the staff alongside all the students who attend. While it was daunting entering a new school and knowing few people, I can confidently say that there hasn’t been a time where I have felt alone in any difficulties I have faced over the years. This is undeniably due to the extensive support system in place here in school with no shortage of people to turn to; from the pastoral care staff to the senior prefects and the school council.

Another aspect of school life that Sacred Heart prides itself in is the vast range of extra-curricular activities on offer; a drama club, football, netball and camogie teams, school orchestra and choir to name a few. There is not one talent or interest that our school has not facilitated for or any passion that the students may have that would not be fully supported and encouraged. I can say safely say first hand that the staff here are not only invested in advancing the students academically but also want to highlight the importance of having a healthy balance in all aspects of our lives.

Now in my final year as I am beginning to plan my next steps for when I leave Sacred Heart I am realising that all the advice, support and knowledge that I have gained from my time here are all assisting me in making the best decision for my future. I am privileged to say that I attended Sacred Heart Grammar School and like every student who has and will pass through this school, I can only take pride in saying ‘Once a Sacred Heart girl always a Sacred Heart girl.’



Here in Sacred Heart, the inclusive and warm atmosphere helps to make our school a community with a strong link between staff and students. Sacred Heart offers endless opportunities for each individual, allowing every girl to achieve their full potential, both academically and creatively, with the help and encouragement of teachers, staff and peers. With the countless clubs, teams, committees and events to get involved with, everyone can find something which they enjoy.

As I begin my final year, the uncertainty of what lies beyond Sacred Heart is quite daunting but I know that my time at this school has helped me acquire the skills needed to face any challenges or difficulties that the future may hold.

Looking back over the best six years spent here in the Sacred Heart, I can’t help but begin to dread waking out through the green gates for the last time at the end of the year. Although, I find comfort in knowing that I have gained friendships and memories which will last a lifetime.




SPORTS CAPTAIN – Isabella Byrne

When I first started Sacred Heart 7 years ago, I was once told that my time in Sacred Heart was going to ‘fly-by’, little did I know how true this would be! From day one, the inclusive atmosphere and the strong sense of community here in school, ensures that we, as students, always feel a sense of belonging. I have made friends that will be with me for life in Sacred Heart and the personal relationships between the staff and the pupils creates a friendly, comforting and enjoyable atmosphere. Being elected as Sports Captain has enabled me to reflect on the many opportunities Sacred Heart has allowed me to embark on. Every day, I walk through the mighty green gates, and I know that I will be making new memories with my fellow students which will be filled with laughter and enjoyment.

Not only does Sacred Heart provide first class teaching that will ensure that the students thrive in whatever they do, but the extra-curricular activities available such as sport, music and the extensive range of clubs allows students to explore their many talents. Personally, I have been involved in playing the piano, being a member of the Liturgy Committee and also being a privileged member of our school Netball Team. Being involved in the many extra-curricular activities in school has allowed me to develop physically, mentally and spiritually.

Currently, I am now in my final year in Sacred Heart and soon, I will embark on a new adventure, carrying with me the many transferable skills that this school has taught me. Although the future is daunting, I will always look back at the happy memories I have made. Our Principal told us at the beginning of our time at Sacred Heart that ‘Once a Sacred Heart Girl, always a Sacred Heart girl,’ and this statement sums up the mark that Sacred Heart has imprinted on me and all the other students who have passed through our school. I can truly say that choosing SHS has been one of the best decisions I have ever made, and I hope all our new students are excited for what the next seven years will hold for them.












Méabh Hegarty

Having spent the last six years as a Sacred Heart student, I fully agree with the saying that ‘school days are some of the best days of your life’. I have made so many memories and friendships throughout my time at Sacred Heart that will stay with me forever. Although my first day was daunting, as the school was so new to me, it was eased by the strong sense of community and welcoming atmosphere which is so unique to our school. There are endless opportunities within the school for all aspects of life, whether in academia, sports or the arts; the school and teachers encourage and help you to ensure you are able to reach your full potential. I can truly say that choosing Sacred Heart was one of the best decisions I have made, and I envy those who have it all ahead of them.


Éadaoin Burns

As I am beginning my final year at Sacred Heart, I can safely say that these past seven years have been full of brilliant experiences and memories I will always cherish. Although it was quite daunting starting here in 2011 as a first year, as I gradually progressed my way up to 7th year, I myself can see how I’ve improved both academically and as a person. The life of a Sacred Heart Girl is not only about the hard work and stamina required to succeed, although they are helpful traits, but it is as much about the friendships made and the enjoyment experienced throughout the seven years. This is one of the many things I love about Sacred Heart and what will make leaving, come summer time, an even harder time.


Claire McMahon

It is really hard to believe that I have begun my seventh year in the Sacred Heart. It is often said that your school days are the best days of your life; how true! Sacred Heart challenges you to grow and develop as a person in all opportunities and aspects of life, whether it is academia, sports or the arts, and encourages you to reach your full potential. The ever warm, enthusiastic atmosphere and support from teachers, staff members and students themselves makes this experience a whole lot easier and enjoyable. As my time at Sacred Heart comes to an end I cannot help but feel sad at the thought of leaving this place, but yet, I am lucky to leave Sacred Heart with lifelong friendships and fond memories which I will look back on and cherish forever.


Niamh Owens

Having attended Sacred Heart Grammar School for six years, I can candidly concede that I would never change a second of my experience here. With its myriad of opportunities to exceed oneself academically, its multitude of prospects in the fields of sports and the arts alongside its unrivalled body of devoted and inspiring staff, Sacred Heart ensures that each and every student reaches their utmost potential in every field. My own involvement in the vast range of societies on offer, including the school’s choir and orchestra, the debating society, the Careers Committee, the Liturgy Committee and my role as a Peer Mentor have shaped me into the person I am today. Whilst it is frequently said that ‘Once a Sacred Heart girl, always a Sacred Heart girl’, I earnestly believe that such a title is to be grown into. In relishing the congenial atmosphere of the school, welcoming the zealous enthusiasm of the staff and in forming lifelong friendships with our unique student body, then one can count on enjoying the Sacred Heart experience to the full.


Kayla Burns

Looking back over my seven years in Sacred Heart, I can honestly say that I couldn’t have had a better experience, or made happier memories or longer- lasting friendships anywhere else. From my first day as a year eight, the opportunities which have been offered to me allowing me to flourish both academically and spiritually as a person have been endless.  Through participating in the netball team, the school orchestra and the liturgy committee, I can truly say this school has continuously pushed me to achieve my full potential on all occasions. Sacred Heart truly feels like a close family with each teacher, member of staff and student supporting one another each day.

Now as I approach my final few months in Sacred Heart and make plans for next year, I can confidently say that Sacred Heart has me fully equipped for the next step in my education and whilst I am sad to be leaving, I am extremely proud to say that I am, and always will be, a Sacred Heart girl.


Bronach Cassidy

In my seven years attending Sacred Heart, I can honestly say that I could not have asked for a more friendly, caring environment to learn in. The support and encouragement received by pupils from each other and the staff is the reason that Sacred Heart stands out as one of the best schools in the area. The wide range of opportunities in extra-curricular activities such as those in sport, music and school trips enhances the experience and allows all pupils to develop other aspects of themselves, rather than just academically.


Orla Crawley

I can genuinely say that my experience at Sacred Heart has been one that I will never forget. When starting my first day in Sacred Heart, I thought that seven years seemed like a lifetime but I can now say that those seven years flew. The variety of clubs and after school activities here, ensure that there is something for everyone so that each girl in Sacred Heart truly reaches her full potential and has an unforgettable experience. During my time here, I made friendships that I know will last a lifetime and I have made memories that I will never forget and I know that every other girl who has been here would agree with me.