A Day In The Life

Head Girl1

HEAD GIRL – Lucia Morgan

I began my Sacred Heart journey in September 2012 and have never looked back – I can confidently say that my experience at Sacred Heart has exceeded any expectations.

Sacred Heart affords every student boundless opportunities both inside and outside the classroom environment, there’s really something for everyone whether it be sports teams, music, drama, subject-related clubs and events, charity work, form class and year group activities, school trips… From the outset, I was keen to get involved in school life and over the past six years I have participated in a variety of extra-curricular activities including Cross-country running, Gaelic Football, Irish Traditional Group, Orchestra, Eco Club, St. Vincent de Paul and Liturgy Committees.

Within our school, there is a strong focus on both the students’ academic and personal development. All staff members are willing to go above and beyond to help and support us, as students. From personal experience, the welcoming and friendly school community at Sacred Heart and the positive student-staff relationships provide the best learning environment.

Sacred Heart School is very special and I have noticed this more and more each year. I find it hard to believe that I am now in my final year and unfortunately, will soon have to say farewell but I know that the fond memories and positive experience I have had at Sacred Heart will stay with me forever.


DEPUTY HEAD GIRL – Molly Gregory

On beginning my final year here in Sacred Heart, I am glad to say that I look back at my time here with only good memories to take away with me. The strong sense of community and friendship, between both students and staff has helped me greatly through my time at school. A motto I learned early in first year was that ‘a problem shared is a problem halved’, and this is indeed true in Sacred Heart. Not only are we encouraged to share any challenges we are facing, we are supported through them. It is true to say that in this school we knew that we were never alone in any difficulties that we encountered.

The endless opportunities offered to each girl, within in the various clubs, teams and committees available to all students in school, are vast enough to allow each individual to develop both academically and creatively, in an inclusive and warm environment.

Only now, as I am planning the next step in my life, do I realise the value and preciousness of my time remaining in Sacred Heart. However daunting walking out of the green gates will be at the end of the year, I feel comforted in the fact that I am well equipped with the advice, skills and wisdom, not only taught to me by my teachers, but also from my peers and classmates.


sports captain1

SPORTS CAPTAIN – Cristin Brown

I can’t really believe that I am sitting writing this in my final year of Sacred Heart. I was always told that my 7 years here would ‘fly-by’ and little did I know how true this would be! I can honestly say that there has never been a day I have not wanted to come into Sacred Heart. I have always felt like I’ve belonged here. Coming from a primary school where I wasn’t necessarily the best at anything, Sacred Heart allowed me to branch out and helped me to become a better version of myself. I have made lifelong friends here, and the personal relationships between staff and students creates a friendly, comforting and enjoyable atmosphere in which you are happy to learn in.

Being elected Sports Captain was such an honour, and has allowed me to reflect on the many opportunities given to me throughout my time here. I feel that every talent and interest in our school is facilitated to, and any passion that the students may have would be fully supported and encouraged. Playing as part of the netball and football teams has allowed me to meet lots of new people throughout the school and has meant that I have made many good friends in different years. As well as this, the first class teaching and willingness to invest in the happiness of students has ensured that students thrive in whatever they do.

Currently I am in my last year of Sacred Heart and will soon leave to start a new adventure somewhere else, taking with me the many skills and talents this school has given me. Although I do not know what the future holds, I will always look back at my time at Sacred Heart with fond memories. As the saying goes ‘Once a Sacred Heart Girl, always a Sacred Heart Girl,’ and I believe that this statement truly sums up life here. You never forget your time here, the lessons learnt and the fun had. Choosing Sacred Heart has been one of the best decisions I have ever made, and if I could, I would do it all over again.












Treasa McKinley

As a Year 14 Sacred Heart student I can sincerely say that I have cherished my time in this school.  School is stereotypically considered a negative place which  is ruled by strict teachers and mountains of work but sacred Heart is far from this perception. From the moment I entered as an 11 year old student I have been aware of the warm, friendly atmosphere and the unity of the teacher and student body. It is this unique quality of Sacred Heart School which has made my time here so enjoyable. Sacred Heart has maximised my potential enabling me to achieve in every aspect of my life. With a plethora of extracurricular activities for students to choose from, there is a strong focus on not only the academic achievements but the sporting, music and drama achievements as well. I feel lucky to have been given endless opportunities through school which have shaped me personally and fully equipped me for success in the future. Although leaving such a wonderful environment as Sacred Heart in June will be sad, I will be leaving with lifelong friendships and the happiest of memories.


Eva Grant

Having come here in 2012, a sheepish young girl, the warm, caring and motivating environment of Sacred Heart Grammar School has helped me flourish into the creative person I am today. Sacred Heart has not only helped me grow academically by going above and beyond in all subjects but allowed me to develop key social skills for life. The wide plethora of extracurricular activities offered to myself, as well as all students here, helped to build my confidence, for example, Choir, Orchestra, Eco Club, Maths Club and much more. The friendships and bonds made between not only students, but teachers, is unbreakable. Leaving everything behind seems daunting but I know I will carry with me memories and experiences that no other school could have given me.


Sarah O’Hanlon

Very few can confirm that they enjoy coming to school, however, the general consensus of the majority of Sacred Heart girls is that they do. This is primarily due to the caring ethos of the school which incorporates inclusivity and positivity at all times. I am under no illusion that my time at Sacred Heart is quickly approaching, so I am cherishing every last minute I have left before I have to hang up my green uniform for the last time. There is no point in avoiding to appear cliché, but I most confidently state that this school has moulded me into the person I am today. It has throw endless opportunities (that I would encourage any student to grasp) at me that have allowed me to become the best version of myself. For instance, I have been a member of the Junior and Senior School Orchestra, Gaelic Football teams at all age groups, the Liturgy Committee, the Medical Health Debate Team, founder of An Cumann Ghaelach and have represented the school in many competitions through Music, Drama and Sport. From all these experiences, I have been able to develop my interpersonal skills which all contribute to who I am today and help me in preparation for life beyond the green gates. There is a loving atmosphere in the school where respect is mutual. I’ve yet to have a bad day where school is ever distressing, and I mean that genuinely. I am daunting the day I leave but I am thankful for all the school has given me and recommend to every student to treasure their time at Sacred Heart. After all, ‘Time flies by the yellow and green…’


Mollie Breen

I came to Sacred Heart in 2012 by myself, not knowing anyone in my year. Now, seven years later I leave with lifelong friends and cherished memories. My start at Sacred Heart was eased by the warm, inclusive atmosphere of the school community. I can confidently say that if a problem arose I always felt comfortable to speak to any staff member as a result of the strong link between the students and staff.

As my time at Sacred Heart comes to an end, I am beginning to plan my future beyond Sacred Heart. Sacred Heart provided me with a vast array of opportunities throughout my seven years here which I am grateful for as I have been lucky enough to have the experiences needed for the next step in my education.

Now in 7th year, aware of the short time left I realise how privileged I was to be a student in Sacred Heart. I leave knowing I have made friends and memories forever.


Aoibheann Quinn

Reflecting back on these past 6 years in Sacred Heart, I can truly say that these are definitely years in my life that I will always treasure and be grateful for. The memories and friendships that I have created throughout my time here will stay with me forever and the opportunities that I have been offered from all of the supportive staff at Sacred Heart, I am certain will allow me to confidently leave school at the end of this year knowing that I will be fully equipped for the next stages in my academic life. I also feel that the wide range of extra- curricular activities and clubs provided in Sacred heart such as activities in sport, music and drama, have always encouraged its students to achieve their full potential and develop their own unique identity.

Approaching my final months here at Sacred Heart, I cannot help but envy those year eights who are only beginning this journey but although I know it is nearly time to leave, I am comforted with the thought that Sacred Heart will always be a part of me no matter what path I take in life.


Amy Boyle

My time spent at Sacred Heart is something that I am so grateful for, as it has brought any amount of great people into my life, provided me with endless opportunities to broaden my knowledge, as well as encouraged me to challenge and stretch myself in order to develop into the best individual I can be. This school has undoubtedly shaped me as a person.

My journey through the school has been one of infinite highs and a few inevitable lows, thrown in for good measure. However, the cornerstone of our school being the amazing people, I have been supported by staff and peers, enabling me to overcome each academic and personal difficulty faced and have grown so much as a result.

I have made some of my most cherished memories over my past six years as a Sacred Heart girl and so, it is with a heavy heart that I will close this chapter of my life and leave Sacred Heart behind. However, as I prepare to embark on my next adventure, I will take with me the lessons learnt, friendships found and memories made.


Niamh Trainor

Over the past 7 years, Sacred Heart has provided me with endless opportunities whether it be the numerous after school sport activities, musical opportunities or the variety of committees. Sacred Heart has helped me develop as a person offering a friendly caring environment to do so in. I believe Sacred Heart is known for its strong sense of community, and can say that this sense of community could not be created without the constant encouragement and support offered to us pupils by our teachers, constantly pushing us to reach our full potential. As my time in Sacred Heart comes to an end I can truly say it has been the experience of a lifetime, I have made lifelong friends and have experienced lifelong lessons. I honestly could not have asked for a better place to spend my school days and will never forget my time in Sacred Heart.