A Day In The Life


When starting as a year 8, 7 years seemed like forever. However, 7 years on, my time in Sacred Heart has gone by within the blink of an eye. Knowing that every day here has allowed me to embark on new adventures and afforded me endless opportunities, it gives me great pride knowing that I am part of something very special. As I step foot through the towering green gates every morning, I know my day will be filled with laughter while surrounded by the extraordinary network of people here in Sacred Heart.

The prospect of starting anew seemed daunting at first: having to make new friends, take up new subjects, meet new teachers. However, every girl who has and every girl who will enter Sacred Heart has experienced such emotions. If you ever feel overwhelmed or simply need someone to talk to, there will always be someone to turn to. The strong sense of community within Sacred Heart ensures that each and every staff member and pupil look out for one another. The valued interface between students and teachers which this school has established ensures that the range of people you can rely on to help you is never ending. Whether it is Sr. Julie, a teacher, the school councillor, a member of the student council, a senior prefect or even just a fellow student, you will never find yourself feeling alone. 

The inclusive atmosphere here in Sacred Heart allows you to thrive in whatever you wish. No matter what your dream is, Sacred Heart will help you to achieve it, whilst having fun along the way. Academically, this school provides you with a wide range of subjects, taught by teachers who are not only more than capable of helping you, but will inspire you to learn. The opportunities do not end here. Outside of academics, there are so many different areas of school life for you to embrace. There are clubs including, netball, football, camogie, golf, orchestras, jazz bands, to name a few. So, whatever your talent is, Sacred Heart will allow you to develop it, and if you have not quite found yours yet, Sacred Heart will allow you to find it. Further up in the school, you are given the chance to get involved in committees such as the Eco Club, St Vincent De Paul society, Liturgy Committee, Health Committee, and the list goes on. As well as this, you are provided the opportunity to become involved in annual Christmas concerts, Sports Day and exhaust your creativity in coming up with fun and innovative ways to help raise money for charity, such as bun sales and coffee mornings; There is never a dull moment here in Sacred Heart.

I believe that enjoyment is a key element in the experience of school. To be content and happy in a working environment ensures you naturally work harder, regarding both school and extra-curricular activities which equally contribute to creating a well-rounded student. As I journey into my final year here, I know that my time in Sacred Heart has not only been enjoyable, but has allowed me to branch out and meet so many new people and make countless, yet, fantastic memories I will look back on fondly in years to come. I will soon embark on a new journey, taking with me all the invaluable skills which Sacred Heart has taught me. Hence, I have no doubt that each student who has and will pass through Sacred Heart, will share the sheer pride I have in knowing I am and will always be a Sacred Heart girl. 

HEAD GIRL – Alex Shortall


When I came to the Sacred Heart Open Night seven years ago, I was in awe of everything the school had to offer and wanted nothing more than to be a Sacred Heart girl. Arriving through the green gates in first year I was excited to be starting a new chapter, but little did I know just how much this school and everyone in it would leave such a lasting imprint on my life. When applying to be a member of the Senior Council and of course, writing this extract, I was able to reflect on my time here at Sacred Heart and all the wonderful opportunities that have been made available to me. I have been a member of the school choir, the camogie team since first year and am involved in numerous groups such as, the Liturgy Committee and the Eco Club, all of which have helped me to grow and develop as a person, both academically and spiritually.

I firmly believe that Sacred Heart’s main strength is the dedicated staff, each working tirelessly to ensure we achieve our full potential. To me, Sacred Heart is more of a close knit family than a school; there is a warm, caring atmosphere that stems from the strong bond between staff and students and I believe this is the perfect environment for learning. The sense of community within our school is evident, particularly as you walk through the corridors, as you will always be greeted by a smiling, friendly face.

As I begin my final year, the uncertainty of what lies beyond Sacred Heart is quite daunting but I know that my time at this school has helped me acquire the skills needed to face any challenges or difficulties that the future may hold. I feel privileged to be a student here at Sacred Heart and I wear my uniform with the utmost pride.

To say that I will miss Sacred Heart would be an understatement as it truly has made me the person I am today, but I am comforted by the fact that I can cherish the many fond memories and friends I have made here and know that however far I may venture, Sacred Heart is a place where I will always feel welcome.

‘Once a Sacred Heart Girl, always a Sacred Heart Girl’

DEPUTY HEAD GIRL – Dearbhala Quinn


Having spent the last six years as a student in Sacred Heart, I have made memories and friendships that will last a lifetime. The staff are friendly, understanding and always willing to help you do your best.

The opportunities available in the school are endless. Between sport, music, drama and art there is something for everyone. I have been involved in many extra curricular activities, playing for the school football and netball teams since first year. Being a member of many sports teams has enabled me to become the confident and determined person I am today.

From my very first day I have felt apart of the school community. Now that I am in my last year, I am grateful to the school for making my time here so enjoyable.

GAMES CAPTAIN – Emer Scullion



Niamh McDonald

The first day of Sacred Heart was daunting, everything was new to me. Six years later this thought makes me smile as everything has become normal and all of the classrooms that I couldn’t find and the teachers I was slightly anxious about meeting are now like family. Sacred Heart truly is a school like no other. The anxieties and nerves I may have been feeling on my first day quickly disappeared, as I soon realized that everyone is more than happy to help. The memories and friendships that have blossomed over the past 6 years are extremely special to me and I’m well aware that without the warm atmosphere of Sacred Heart I would not have had the chance to develop these.  I have been given many opportunities to be part of different groups, teams and committees through my time at the school which have not only allowed me to decide on my future career but have also helped me develop as a person.


Hannah Gilsenan

It is really hard to believe that I have begun my seventh year in the Sacred Heart. It is often said that your school days are the best days of your life; and I fully agree! My time at this school has been extremely special, and needless to say, I have enjoyed every minute. I have seized as much opportunity from this school as I could; from joining the netball, cross-country running, golf and swimming teams; to being a member of committees, the orchestra and choir. I have loved involving myself in the Sacred Heart Spirit, whether that’s in the school musicals, school-trips, sports days, or the pride in showing off our wonderful school at Open Night. The Sacred Heart really has so much to offer- it is a school that really pushes and encourages you to reach your full potential. I definitely wouldn’t be the happy, confident girl I am today if it wasn’t for the Sacred Heart and the special relationships with the students, teachers and staff which it provides. It says a lot, when seven years later, I am still proud to wear my bottle-green uniform and walk through the doors of the Sacred Heart Grammar School each morning. I envy those girls who still have plenty of time left in this school and will be very sad when the time comes for me to leave at the end of the year, but I know that whatever I do, I will always remember the happy memories I made here and the pride I felt in being a Sacred Heart Girl.


Jessica Byrne

When I first began life as a Sacred Heart student I was small, shy and absolutely petrified of starting ‘big’ school. Now, six years later, I can truly say that choosing Sacred Heart was one of the best decisions I have ever made, because, with its encouraging and warm environment, I flourished. It is honestly a privilege to be part of a school with such a warm friendly atmosphere and such dedicated and hardworking staff. Sacred Heart really appreciates and cherishes each and every individual and the talents and qualities that they possess. The school nurtures these gifts by providing students with endless opportunities, whether these are in music, sports, drama or academics. I truly envy all those who still have their seven years ahead of them as they have so many incredible opportunities to discover and develop who they are. As my time at Sacred Heart comes to an end I cannot help but feel sad at the thought of leaving this place, but yet, I am lucky to leave Sacred Heart with lifelong friendships and fond memories which I will look back on and cherish forever.

Grainne Kearney

I can honestly say that my time at Sacred Heart has been one of the best experiences of my life. The nerves associated with starting a new school slowly evaporated as I experienced the warmth and friendliness of both the teachers and students at Sacred Heart.  SHS has helped me grow from a shy first year to the confident person I am today. I’ve been provided with countless opportunities whether it be in sports, music or academic life and I’ve made lifelong friendships along the way. I couldn’t imagine spending six years anywhere else and I truly envy those who have it ahead of them. I will always cherish the memories I have  made in Sacred Heart and I look forward to creating more in the coming months.


Emily Keenan

When I stepped through the doors of Sacred Heart for the first time, the thought of spending the next seven years there felt like a lifetime. Yet when I look back on it now, little, shy me was clearly unaware of the impact those following years would have. The thing about Sacred Heart is that it never fails to impact on each and every pupil in the most positive and comforting way!  Although seven years on I am, unfortunately, not any less little, I can proudly say I am a lot more confident. Sacred Heart challenges you to grow and develop as a person in all opportunities and aspects of life, whether it is academia, sports or the arts, and encourages you to reach your full potential. The ever warm, enthusiastic atmosphere and support from teachers, staff members and students themselves makes this experience a whole lot easier and enjoyable. Reflecting back, I have been provided with countless values, skills and life lessons that I will carry on throughout my life and the friendships and memories I have made will be cherished forever.

Very soon I will be stepping through the doors of Sacred Heart for the last time, and although the future is a very daunting thought, the person I have become during my time here will be fully equipped to grasp it with both hands! It is a privilege to play a part in such a compelling community such as Sacred Heart.


Judith Quinn

The reason I chose to come to Sacred Heart was because of the passion, enthusiasm and love for the school that became evident when I attended Sacred Heart’s Open Night. Now, looking back at the past six years I have spent as a Sacred Heart girl I am filled with pride that I have been able to be a part of this community, which is more like a family than a school. Sacred Heart Grammar School excels in both academia and in the personal development of their pupils because of the hard work, dedication and cooperation between the staff and students. I have received more opportunities during my time in Sacred Heart to participate in music, sport, charity work and countless school trips than I ever thought I would and I am so grateful for the amazing memories and lasting friendships I will have to cherish long after I leave Sacred Heart Grammar School.


Shannon Goss

A vibrant atmosphere of community and warmth is the most accurate description of life in Sacred Heart. With the incredible work ethic and support of my teachers, I have been awarded countless opportunities in academia and school clubs, allowing me not only the chance to reach my current goals but also equipped me with the skills and qualities that are essential to help me achieve any future aspirations. The undeniable dedication of the staff and teachers ensures that every student is given the opportunity to reach their full potential and develop into a confident young woman. I think that’s what is most special about Sacred Heart- the way in which your time here gradually builds you a great tower of self belief. It will be very difficult to leave the school for the final time in the coming months but I am grateful that I will always have the cherished memories and life-long friendships that act as a reminder of the wonderful seven years I spent here.