CCEA GCSE Learning for Life and Work

Through studying this specification, students gain knowledge and understanding of:

  • diversity, social inclusion, rights and responsibilities;
  • the role of government and non-governmental organisations in protecting people’s rights;
  • democratic institutions and processes;
  • how to maximise physical and mental health and well-being;
  • relationships and sexuality;
  • how to be a discerning consumer;
  • the impact of globalisation on employment;
  • recruitment and selection procedures;
  • the work environment & self-employment
  • the social responsibility of businesses.

This course provides students with the skills they require to think independently, make informed decisions, and take appropriate action when faced with personal, social, economic and employment issues. The skills developed in this subject would be useful across many careers.


The vision of the CEAIG Department in Sacred Heart, is to provide opportunities for the students to develop the skills, competencies and attributes necessary for the 21st century work place.

Year 12

  • Focus on Post -16 decisions (Options Event in January of year 12)
  • Update Personal Career Plan
  • Update CV
  • Create a personal Statement

All Year 12 will receive a personalised interview from DEL and from the Careers Department.

Year 13

Students will have the opportunity to engage in rigorous research, career planning and self-evaluation. They attend Work Experience in term one and have a Mock Interview in term two.  The careers programme aims to further develop the students’ transferable skills, preparing them for life after Sacred Heart.

Year 14

Students will make plans for Post-18.  This will include CAO, Higher Apprenticeships, SMUCB and UCAS applications. They may explore study abroad or the opportunities afforded by a Gap Year. They have the opportunity to learn about personal economics in preparation for university or the world of work.


In addition to the above; the Careers Department seeks to build links with relevant stakeholders, including external agencies & the local community. Opportunities are provided for participation in career taster events, career insight programmes, mentoring programmes and a range of volunteer work. Visiting speakers from a varied range of Further & Higher educational institutions present to Years 12, 13 & 14. Girls also attend university Open Days and the UCAS Convention.

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